Braeburn Apples from Washington to India

by admin on April 15, 2013

Washington Apples, a leading fruit brand in India, has announced its strategic partnership with Royal Challengers Bangalore as ‘Official Fruit Partner of Royal Challengers’ during the IPL season.

The brand will showcase and promote six new varieties of Washington apples during the season. These include Washington Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, Cripps Pink, Granny Smith, and Braeburn.

“Our growers and shippers of Washington Apples are delighted to be associated with the Royal Challengers Bangalore. With this association, we are happy to showcase. Each variety is unique in taste and texture, provides you with a healthy choice to pick. We are promoting Washington apples as a healthy, good anytime snack and we share the Royal Challengers beliefs on health, fitness and nutrition,” said Keith Sunderlal, Indian representative, Washington Apple Commission.

“India is among the fourth largest markets for the Washington apple and sales have been growing at over 20% annually during the past five years. South India is one of the largest regions in terms of sales of Washington Apples and Bengaluru, in particular, is a growing market for us,” he said.


UK Orchard Owners – Suffering with the Wet Weather This Year


It never rains but it pours and that has certainly been the case over a rain drenched three months.

The county has been lashed with almost double the average rainfall for April, May and June, which has caused misery for homeowners who have seen floodwater lapping at their front doors.

While homeowners sort out insurance claims and clean their homes, fruit farmers and wildlife experts are crossing their fingers that the weather damage isn’t terminal.

Tony Eales, of Tendring Fruit Farm in Hailsham, said he may have less than a tenth of his apple crop this season.

He said: “My crop has been severely affected.

“Cox’s and Russets have set very poorly because it was cold when they were in blossom.

“I doubt if I’ve got a 10% crop. It’ll be ‘hunt the apple’ this autumn.”

Chris Dench, from Ringden Farm in Flimwell, is another fruit farmer blaming cold, wet weather during the flowering period for smaller crops.

He said: “Our apple crop has been affected.

“It is too early to be precise but at best we only have about 40% of a normal crop, with some varieties as low as 10%, including Russet and Cox and some at 80%, such as Braeburn Gala and Jonagold.



Fern Ridge Develop new apple Based on Braeburn

September 26, 2011

Fern Ridge Develop New Variety   Due to a lucky discovery of a seedling in a box of braeburn and Fiji apples – a new variety is born   Mixing the shape of the Braeburn with the sweetness of the Fiji – it has been a success with Fern Ridge shipping several containers of trees [...]

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Braeburn Process Grade Apples New Zealand

September 22, 2011

  New Zealand Growers are moving to processing rather than exporting whole fruit A New Zealand apple processer says more growers are sending apples for processing instead of exporting them, as global demand for apple juice concentrate increases. Enzafoods general manager Jon Marks says process-grade apples are generally seen as by-products but some varieties which [...]

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New Zealand Braeburn Production Drops

August 2, 2011

Shipping Costs and the Asian Market are to blame   Braeburn Apple Production is set to decline in New Zealand ,where the apple was first discovered. Due to the rising value of the New Zealand Dollar and indeed increased shipping costs to Europe growers are quickly changing to other varieties that are preferred in the [...]

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